Episode 10 - Dr. Melanie Matheu - TeddyTalk Podcast

This week I spoke with Dr. Melanie Matheu, the Founder and CEO of Prellis Biologics. 

Dr. Matheu has a background in Immunology, Chemistry, Physiology, & Biophysics…and what have you done lately? I first met Melanie when we were virtually introduced by a mutual acquaintance. The intro email said something like:

“Teddy - please meet Mel who is one of the fastest rising CEOs in SF (and) who might keep us all alive 20 years longer!  She is looking for a coach. I thought of you.” 

Indeed. Well that captured my imagination in a heart beat. So Melanie and I had a chat and I discovered Melanie’s vision is to eliminate the need for organ donor lists…more on that shortly. When I asked her how can I help she said she’d been in academia all of her adult life. Now I’ve started this company – how do I be a CEO. I’m in is all I said. Rather than me try to explain it any further we’ll let Dr. Matheu have the floor. They say there are no stupid questions…that’s what I was sure hoping as we sat down to talk. Check it out.