Episode 12 - Eva Sage-Gavin

Today I am speaking with, and delightfully listening to, Eva Sage-Gavin, a very accomplished executive, wife, & mother; not necessarily in that order.

I met Eva early in her professional career when we worked on exploring her executive presence and presentation skills. Of the 5 companies we worked at together, we probably had the most time at Disney. It was there that I enjoyed watching Eva become a truly gifted speaker. Far better than I have ever been. And it was during her transition to Disney that I first saw a quality in Eva that I came to recognize regularly and admire wholeheartedly as she and her teams garnered success after success. It was a fierce resolve. A strength of will. And she leads from the heart. Eva embodies the phrase: “How a person does anything is how they do everything.” After retiring from The GAP as Chief Human Resource Officer, Eva has recently re-entered the work force as Sr. Managing Director of Accenture’s Global Talent & Organization Practice. She’s also served as a Senior Advisor of The Boston Consulting Group and former Vice Chair of The Aspen Institute’s Skills for America’s Future. All those experiences and more barely begin to illuminate the qualities of leadership and humanity that Eva possesses. As you can tell, I’m a big fan. If you appreciate leadership, after you listen to this, I imagine you will be one too.