Episode 5 - Dan Harrison - TeddyTalk Podcast

If you've been a client of mine any time in the last 20 years, you will have heard of Dan Harrison. You most likely completed the preference inventory he designed, and listened to me bend your ear about it.

After studying in India in my 20s and traveling in China and Japan in my 30s I was well aware of the concept of yin yang theory - the completion of opposites. When I met Dan, he introduced me to the western version of this, known as paradox theory, and how it applied to business captured my imagination then, still does today. Dan who lives much of the time in the rainforest around Chiang Mai in northern Thailand was in LA recently and accepted my invite to have a chat about his global work around employee engagement and leadership and self-awareness. So fun.

Dan Harrison, Ph.D. - Organizational Psychology. Dr Harrison is the founder and developer of Harrison Assessments' and originator of ParadoxTechnology™ as used in Harrison Assessments. His diverse background in Mathematics, Personality Theory, Counseling Psychology, and Organizational Psychology has enabled him to make a unique and exceptional contribution to assessment methodology.

His 30 years of experience in Psychology and Assessment has enabled the Harrison Assessment tools to fulfill practical needs for recruitment, development and assessment. Dr Harrison's' ongoing world-wide travel gives him direct involvement with the needs of Harrison Assessments' clients and exposes him to the appropriate practical application in a wide variety of cultures.