Episode 8 - Bruce King - TeddyTalk Podcast

My pal Bruce King is like that proverbial brother from another mother. Bruce is a leading researcher, author, and advocate for The New Carbon Architecturewhich happens to be the name of his recently published second book. It's a way to slow the accumulation of greenhouse gases which are released by the burning of fossil fuels. It's both important and timely work. But that's not why I asked Bruce to join me for this podcast. Like myself Bruce has a long term meditation practice with a diverse background in a number of different modalities. He's deeply committed to his practice. And though we haven't lived in the same zip code for many years whenever our paths crossed we naturally fall into a space of inspiring one another. As practitioners along the path.

But wait there's more. We're also both parenting along with our wives adult children with a developmental disability and that's a very unique club that no one is breaking down the door to get into. So we share our experiences, our wonder, and most of all our appreciation for whatever it is in front of us in the moment. Humans being more than humans doing.