Episode 14 - Andy Mooney

Today my guest is Andy Mooney. Andy is currently the CEO of Fender Guitar (think “dream job” for him as a long-time collector). Prior to Fender Andy spent 20 years at Nike and another 11 at The Walt Disney Company. Please settle in as this episode is a masters level course in brand stewardship. One of the themes from early on in Andy’s career has been his keen sense to point out what needed to be done (and was not being attended to) or what needed to be done differently and then finding himself slotted in to fill that specific need. Innovation, curiosity, and the raising of “pirate flags” have all played a part in the evolution of Andy’s leadership persona. From his days as Chief Marketing Officer at Nike (twice) to his chairmanship of Disney’s Consumer Products division, Andy’s re-telling of his leadership journey is pretty funny as well as inspiring. Now in the midst of his “3rd Act”, Andy is enjoying  the mentoring phase of leadership, his legacy already imprinted on the consumer products divisions of several major Hollywood Studios. All right, let’s have at it.